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Product Features

  • Range: From 0.18 KW to 2.25 KW (1/4 HP to 3 HP) in single phase
  • Various mountings to meet specific requirements
  • Motors with ball bearings
  • Low Vibrations and low noise
  • Custom-built motors to meet specific applications
  • Sheet metal body
  • Insulation class ‘B’ or ‘F’
  • thermally protected motor(optional)
  • CNC processed ingredients


HKI MOTOR has a wide range of motors ranging from (0.025 hp) to (3 hp) in single phase and 3 PHASE designs
All standard motors are continuously rated to comply with performance standards.
  • Drip proof (DP)
  • Totally enclosed (TE)
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC)
  • Types of Monting:
    Foot Flange Foot cum flange Endshield pad
    Bearing & Lubrication
    Sleeve bearing motors are lubricated for life by using Permawick lubrication system. This can give 40,000 hours of operation without lubrication at normal running. Ball bearing motors use double shielded deep groove bearings and are life lubricated. This offers you trouble free motor life.
    MFG Facility
    Our modern manufacturing plant has advanced machinery for
    • Coil Winding

      Coils are being wound on automatic winding machine.

    • Precise Balancing

      Rotors are dynamically balanced

    Centrifugal gear and Open circuit switch
    Field proven centrifugal gear is used for trouble free operation. Open circuiting switch has sintered contact/s consisting of silver alloy and copper. These contacts have excellent anti-weld properties and can safely rupture heavy current
    Frames B56 & 100S
    Thermal Overload Protection
    For single phase motors, manual or auto-reset thermal overload protector can be provided. It can be temperature/current sensing type and provides excellent protection against motor burnouts.
    Rotors / Shafts
    For special applications, pressure die-cast rotors are steam blued at our plant. This ensures rust prevention and also enhances motor efficiency. All shafts are made of EN8/C40 steel and ground to 10 micron accuracy. They are treated with anti-rust coating. Stainless steel shafts can also be supplied, if required.
    Application Engineering
    Our expertise lies in developing Special Purpose Motors to suit specific applications. We have developed such types of motors for a large number of customers from different industry verticals
    As a Manufacturer Of our products we wish to give life time and endless consumer support. But To Ensure A Backup we give 12 Month full Warranty To Our Dealers without any misleading.
    Our Motor Comes With Hard Polystyrene (Thermocole) box Packing, covering motor for each side with outer Hard 5x Corrugated box to ensure safety of our product while shipment


    Typical Applications

    Wet grinders

    Vacuum pumps

    Sewing machines

    Machine tools

    Box strapping machines

    Floor polishers

    Pouch making machines

    Printing presses

    Sugar cane crushers

    Jewellery making machines

    Room coolers

    Needle vibrators

    Atta chakki

    Chaff cutter

    Wood working machines